Terms of Service

The terms of service you agree to when registering an account.

By using any service provided by Heimdall.pm, you are agreeing to the following Terms of Service.


Don't be an ass, use your brain and have some common sense. Abuse will result in warnings (until my patience runs out) and really nasty stuff in definitive, irrevocable bans. We can't be held liable if any of you (our users) do anything stupid.


The services offered by Heimdall.pm are provided as-is without warranty of any kind, express or implied. We are under no legal obligation to provide you, the user, with any of our services; nor do we need to guarentee their availability. (We try our best, though.)

Furthermore, we cannot be held responsible for any content created, hosted, or sent by any user of our services on their behalf. We are however inclined to remove such content when it is found to be in violation of any of our rules. You may report prohibited activities using the means listed on our contact page.

Universal guidelines and basic decency

‘HEY! Do not slam!’
Photo by brr (CC-BY 4.0)

While these guidelines might be qualified as common sense by most, they are here to provide a basis regarding what can and can't be done with Heimdall's services and the possible consequences if not respected.

Stuff like;

TODO: Finish these guidelines.

Failure to follow these guidelines may result in warnings and, subsequently, bans (although negociable most of the time).

Prohibited actions

  1. Do not conduct activities that might be illegal under the French law,
  2. Do not abuse, spam, stalk, doxx, impersonate, or harass other people,
  3. Do not spread or promote the use of hate speech against others,
  4. Do not abuse our or others' services using the ones we provide,
  5. Do not encourage others to break any of these rules.

Violation of any of these rules, if found to be true, will result in definitive, irrevocable bans. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards these kinds of behaviour.

If you believe you have been mistakenly banned, you may contact us using the means defined on our contact page. We reserve the right to have the final decision on any ban that has happened and will happen in the future.

Changes to this document

Any significant change to this document (that is, changes that directly affect you, the end user) will be followed by a mail sent to your e-mail address.

If you don't actively own a Heimdall.pm account, we advise you to regularly check these Terms of Service for future changes.