Contact us

General inquiries

If you've got any question, issue, or if you just want to say hi, hit us up at hello@heimdall.pm. You'll find our PGP key here, on most PGP key servers, or directly through our WKD :)

NOTE: For various reasons, we ditched our old key and are now using a new one. Please update your keychains. (You'll find the digital proof here.)

Abuse reports

To file an abuse report, you can either send us an e-mail at abuse@heimdall.pm or fill this form (which, btw, does essentially the same thing).

Personal contact details

Should you ever need to send me a message directly, my e-mail is my first name (at) heimdall.pm. It's also my XMPP and Matrix address. You may also find me as tmtt on libera.chat or on meth.cat.

My PGP key can be found here, on various PGP key servers and on Heimdall's WKD. Please note that I, too, have ditched my old PGP key in favor of a new one. Don't forget to update your keychains.

Please use the contact methods mentioned before for any request related to Heimdall.pm, thanks :)