Heimdall.pm is just a bunch of services and projects duct taped together that I run on my little corner of the Internet.

Its name comes from Heimdall, a god of Norse mythology who protected Asgard from intruders. .pm stood for private messaging, but Heimdall has diversified with new services in the meantime.

The server(s)

Heimdall.pm consists of several servers closely tied together. For the time being, there's only one server, nerv.heimdall.pm.

Configuration files for most of the servers and services will (hopefully) be made public in the near future. Stay tuned!

The meatbag

Oh hey, that's me. I'm Tom.

I'm just a french C.S. student who likes hacking stuff and libre software. Feel free to send me a word or two if you want to get to know me better :)