A maintenance of all Heimdall websites and services is in progress. Therefore, most of them are not yet available. Thank you for your understanding.

How to contact...


via e-mail:

The right PGP key can be found here.

Its fingerprint is: 7DE2 5418 4882 E58D 51AD   2E23 3479 E2BC 4426 391B

Please encrypt your e-mails, at least for registration on the mail/xmpp service.

This is not needed for « unimportant » requests or abuse reports.

Me, tmtt:

via e-mail:

→ tom at heimdall dot pm

The right PGP key can be found here.

Its fingerprint is: 87B2 7FC0 5814 A6B1 CB28   E0F2 836A 2692 D737 E1E8

I won't respond to unencrypted mails.

via XMPP:

→ think a little and you'll find it kek

I would prefer that you use my e-mail address for any request related to Heimdall.

OMEME fingerprints:

  • 76191C66 713C5FC8 BAD71DF8 EE190839   22DC889F 82626063 67ECB1CC EC46FC1E (Desktop)
  • A68374B9 CABCFD7B E4B13458 8D00F893   87B1EFBA 74EF56D8 70C76FE2 B9971F4C (Laptop)
  • 15FAAAD9 6300EEBF 6197E557 E3841B5D   4D220D00 3A004C45 1DB90805 8B863100 (Mobile)

via « social netwerks »:

  • IRC: tmtt on meth.cat in #autism or on libera.chat in various channels (mostly #openbsd)
  • Mastodon: @tmtt@bsd.network
  • Mumble: tmtt on mumble.heimdall.pm