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« why did i code this at 4am »: An Introduction to Heimdall

July 26, 2022 // Last edited on July 26, 2022

Who the hell am I?

I'm Tom, also known as tmtt, and I'm the lazy man behind this website. I'm not really a web developer, as you may have guessed seeing this.. thing. Just kidding. I'm actually quite happy with the result. Hope you like it too :DD

So, if I'm not fond of webdev, what am I into?
Good question. In fact, I like messing around with a lot of things. You can easily see this by checking out our Git server.

And if I had to choose only 3 topics I'm interested in, it would surely be Unix (*BSDs / Linux), C, and Lisp dialects (especially Scheme). Most of the articles will probably be about them. I'm planning to write one on Scheme, so, subscribe to the RSS feed to not miss it! please

Enough about me.
Let's talk about Heimdall.


Okay, so, what the actual fuck is this thing. No, seriously. Because I don't know either.
I was probably wasted when I started making this and now I don't remember.

Let's say it's a way for me to write down some dumb ideas and to show cool projects and services somewhere on the Internet. I kinda like that definition, so, we'll stick with that.

For some reason, I managed to set up a mail / XMPP server, a way to send files, and a Git on this server. All hosted on a server running OpenBSD in Amsterdam. I'm pretty happy with it.

I think I've said enough.
See you soon, and, as always, take care of yourselves.

~ tmtt