Heimdall is just a bunch of services and projects that I host on my little corner of the Internet.

Its name comes from Heimdall, a god of Norse mythology who protected Asgard from intruders.

.pm stood for private messaging, but Heimdall has diversified with new services in the meantime.

Heimdall's banner

This website:

It's just a static website made in pure HTML/CSS, with some shell scripts. No javascript here.

It is licensed under CC0. Do whatever you want with it.

You can find the source code here (.onion).

I was inspired by a lot of websites. Among them:
concealed.world (now meth.cat), omaera.org, dataswamp.org/~solene, lilibyte.net, getimiskon.xyz, qorg11.net, and surely many others that I forgot to mention.

But I didn't steal any code, I promise!

The server:

It's an OpenBSD 7.2 VM that I rent from OpenBSD Amsterdam.

They're cheap, powerful enough for my needs and their support is amazing.

You can find the config files here (.onion).

k nvm i'm waaay too fcking lazy to tidy up all my config files, i'll do that later :DDD

The Privacy Policy: