A maintenance of all Heimdall websites and services is in progress. Therefore, most of them are not yet available. Thank you for your understanding.



Heimdall is just a way for me to write down some dumb ideas and projects somewhere on the Internet.

Eventually, I added some services that could be useful to me, my friends, my family or even you.

Its name comes from Heimdall, a god of Norse mythology who protected Asgard from intruders.

.pm stood for private messaging, but Heimdall has diversified with new services in the meantime.

This website:

It's just a static website made in pure HTML/CSS, with some shell scripts. No javascript here.

It is licensed under CC0. Do whatever you want with it.

You can find the source code here (.onion).

I was inspired by a lot of websites. Among them:
concealed.world (now meth.cat), omaera.org, dataswamp.org/~solene, lilibyte.net, getimiskon.xyz, qorg11.net, and surely many others that I forgot to mention.

But I didn't steal any code, I promise!

The server:

It's an OpenBSD 7.1 VM that I rent from OpenBSD Amsterdam.

They're cheap, powerful enough for my needs and their support is amazing.

It runs openHTTPd and relayd to display webpages, php-fpm to execute PHP, acme-client to generate TLS certs, openSMTPD, Dovecot and rspamd as its mail server, Prosody for XMPP, git and stagit for Git repos, murmurd for the Mumble server, tor for hidden services, a bunch of scripts for automating all of this and some PHP files for services webpages.

It's all encrypted using a strong password and a strong encryption method. Thanks OpenBSD.

You can find the config files here (.onion).

The Privacy Policy:

The mail/XMPP service:

It's a privacy-focused service, providing mail/XMPP accounts. Simple as that.

It runs openSMTPD and Dovecot for SMTPs/IMAPs and rspamd for spam filtering.

It also runs Prosody as its XMPP server, which uses the same accounts / passwords as the mail server.

Mail server:

XMPP server:

« Rules »:

  1. No illegal activity,
  2. No spam / harassment,
  3. No account abuse (i.e. asking for 30 mail accounts).

I reserve the right to have the final decision on any account that is found to be in violation of any of these three rules. Don't be a jerk and everything will be okay. I'm not an asshole.

Please report any abuse to this e-mail address: abuse at heimdall dot pm

Please see mail.heimdall.pm (.onion) for registration / password change.